Tüpraş Code of Ethics (Related to Suppliers)

The objective of Tüpraş’s Code of Ethics is to guide the decisions and actions of employees and those who represent Tüpraş, as they carry out their duties. As a member of Koç Holding’s Energy Group, Tüpraş strives to provide customer satisfaction, to make efficient use of scarce natural resources in order to offer products and services at universal standards and quality, and to contribute to economic and social progress. For this purpose, the Company aims at becoming a symbol of reliability, continuity and respectability for its customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers; in short, for all of its stakeholders.

Supplier, Dealer, Authorized Reseller and Authorized Service Relations
• Creating mutual values in the business relations with suppliers, dealers, authorized resellers and authorized services,
• Carrying out an open, direct and accurate communication with suppliers, dealers, authorized resellers and authorized services,
• Making decisions based on objective criteria in selecting suppliers, dealers, authorized resellers and authorized services,
• Complying with reasonable confidentiality and occupational safety rules requested by the supplier during the audits and visits of suppliers, dealers, authorized resellers and authorized services.

Global Compact
In accordance with the principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact, acting for the benefit of the country and the world, demonstrating an exemplary corporate citizen with the employees, dealers, suppliers and authorized services within the company.

Not Taking Actions for the Benefit of Their Relatives or Themselves
Giving information to the superior chief, if the person in the position of an employee, a customer or supplier are immediate relatives of the decision-makers related to the same business in the first degree in the Company.

Giving and Receiving Gifts
In execution of the relations with private or public persons and organizations that wish to build or maintain business relations with Tüpraş;
• Not to offer and accept any gifts that create an impression of presence of an irregularity, may cause a dependence relation or be perceived so, excluding the materials that are given in line with the commercial traditions and customs or in the nature of souvenir / promotional item.
• Not to request any discount or benefit that may be perceived as inappropriate from the suppliers, dealers, authorized services, customers, holding companies or third parties, not to offer the same to third parties and not to accept when the same are offered.

Business Conduct of the Resigned with Tüpraş and Koç Holding Companies
Doing business with Koç Holding companies as sellers, contractors, consultants, brokers, representatives, dealers, etc. by establishing a company or partnering with a company after resigning from the job in Tüpraş is a very important matter to be considered, which may create negative perceptions.
Before or after such a process, it is required to act in accordance with the Company’s interests, comply with the moral and ethical rules, and not to allow conflicts of interests.
You can review the entire Tüpraş Code of Ethics from the following link:

Tüpraş Code of Ethics