Tüpraş Supplier Code of Conduct

Tüpraş Supplier Code of Conduct (“Principles”) defines non-negotiable minimum standards that we ask our suppliers and their sub-suppliers to comply with, in their commercial relations with Tüpraş under the guidance of the Supplier Management Policy.

Standards set forth in the Principles present our expectations from the parent company, affiliates and subsidiaries of the supplier with which Tüpraş conducts trade activities as well as all its employees, sub-suppliers and other persons.

In these Principles, suppliers, their sub-suppliers, contractors and their sub-contractors are referred to as “Supplier".

Tüpraş expects its suppliers to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and Principles and make efforts to adopt international standards and best practices.

Acceptance of the Principles is the prerequisite of every Tüpraş contract and order. Within this scope, suppliers undertake that all of their activities conform to the principles given in this document. In this context, absolute compliance of our suppliers with the Principles in all of their activities, their notification to all of their employees on these Principles, due consideration of their employees to these Principles and making the Principles available for constant reach of their employees are expected.

Standards specified in the Principles do not replace provisions of a legal agreement or contract between Tüpraş and the suppliers; however, they are an integral part thereof.

The supplier;

1. Complies with all applicable laws and regulations,
2. Is informed on all systems and procedures of the Company and implements them in its areas of responsibility without compromising,
3. Does not tolerate or allow bribery, corruption and unethical practices and does not participate in such activities. Supports fair competition and avoids conflicts of interest,
4. Has a systematic Occupational Health and Safety, Environment approach, which will comply with all laws and regulations in force and demonstrates continuous performance improvement,
5. Dedicates itself to protect the environment in line with all laws and regulations in force,
6. Uses energy and natural resources efficiently,
7. Aims to reduce the waste, emissions and discharges of their operations, products and services,
8. Supports Corporate Responsibility projects,
9. Respects its social environment and contributes to the society in which it operates,
10. Pays attention to gender equality in all its activities, develops practices to support female employees in business and encourages its sub-suppliers and contractors to adopt these practices.

The Supplier carries out all its activities by respecting the human rights regulated by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in accordance with the following practices of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The supplier;

1. Should not use child labor,
2. Should not use forced, prison and compulsory labor,
3. Complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding freedom of association and collective bargaining of employees,
4. Should not tolerate any type of discrimination and harassment,
5. Provides a safe, secure and healthy working environment for its employees in line with universal values,
6. Complies with all applicable laws and regulations on working hours,
7. Should provide wages and fringe benefits that meet or exceed the national legal standards.

In order to verify compliance with the Principles, announced or unannounced audits may be conducted in the workplaces of the suppliers by Tüpraş or any organization acting on behalf of Tüpraş.

The supplier shall report any suspected violations of laws, regulations and the Principles to Tüpraş. Violations can be reported confidentially using one of the following communication channels:


Telefon: +90 262 316 30 00

Tüpraş Supplier Code of Conduct