Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

The Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy is designed to support Tüpraş Code of Ethics as well as the issues dealt with in the United Nations Global Compact, which Koç Holding has signed on behalf of all group companies. These guidelines serve as a supplement to the “Code of Ethics”.

In its relationship with the persons and/or corporations such as agents, suppliers and contractors who render services in the capacity of agents, management consultants, and engages in accounting, payroll, information technology or facility management activities, Tüpraş should not establish relations with persons or corporations that are known or suspected to have provided bribes to 3rd persons, and if there exists such a relationship as of the date of becoming aware of such information, such a relationship should be immediately severed.

Persons, suppliers or contractors that perform tasks on behalf of Tüpraş based on a business relationship should agree to comply with all the existing legal legislation and anti bribery and corruption laws.

You can review the entire Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy of Tüpraş from the following link:

Tüpraş Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy